Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. What’s the difference between Muay Thai and Kickboxing?

There are two main schools of Kickboxing; the American/ Japanese and Thai. American/ Japanese Kickboxing is a 20th century sport originating mostly from Japan and America while contrast, Thai Kickboxing (or Muay Thai) is centuries old and deeply rooted in the social and cultural heritage of Thailand.

2. Are there different styles of Muay Thai?

Yes, depending on the regional influence in which the particular school of tradition it originated from.

3. I don’t have any Martial Arts experience, will I be able to join your classes?

Yes, of course! We have students from all walks of life – with or without experiences. Our training syllabuses are based on your individual capacity to progress through our techniques at your own pace.

4. Do you have any other studios around Malaysia?

We are centrally focused on our Subang Jaya studio while putting emphasis on conducting seminars in other locations. If you or a group of friends would like to be affiliated with us, kindly discuss with Prof. Dr. Jak Othman for the arrangements.

For affiliated studios and branches of our school (BladeTech), please visit http://www.jakothmanblades.blogspot.com/ (in Bahasa Malaysia)

Note: This blog is not administered by Jakickboxing.com, kindly liaise with respective admin as per details in the contacts page: http://www.jakothmanblades.blogspot.com/p/contac-us.html

5. I have a previous injury from an accident/ existing medical condition. Will I be able to train with you?

As a principle, we would request that members/potential members with a history of physical disability or existing medical condition to seek expert medical advice/ treatment before training with us.

6. Will I be able to lose weight/ gain weight from training Kickboxing?

Absolutely! With a well controlled, balanced diet and training schedule, the body will achieve its optimum level of fitness, while losing excess weight (or gaining weight for those who are lacking of it).

7. Will I be able to compete in Muay Thai or any other competitions after joining your studio?

Please take note that we do not approve the promotion of competitions/ tournaments and/ or other form of external games not sanctioned/ approved by the Studio Management. Member’s participation is at their own discretion and risk/ liability.

Members who willingly accept external challenges/ games do not necessarily represent our school unless approved by the managemet, including the Board of Instructors/ Ajarn Jak himself.

8. Do I need to buy any special equipment for studio training?

You will receive a pair of complementary bag gloves to kick off your initial training phase. We prohibit the use of external training equipment/ brands for quality reasons and as a business call.

As you progress, some of the training equipment that you may probably want to purchase training shorts, sparring gloves, shin pads, a groin guard, handwraps, head guard and a mouth guard. The overall cost of equipment is very modest investment compared to most other sports.

9. Will I be required to remember all the foreign names for all techniques learned?

We have adopted English terms for easier understanding therefore you won’t be required to remember the foreign names or terms for the techniques you’ve learned.

10. I’ve been to the studio earlier, but your studio was closed. What time does your studio open?

Kindly refer to our schedules page for the details. We are open only during our operation hours (class hours).